Operational field tactics, law enforcement & security

  • actions on contact
  • movement techniques
  • noise light litter disciplines
  • camouflage
  • surveillance
  • patrolling as a team
  • tactics
  • communications
  • land navigation
  • operations planning

Civilian first response, learning what to do in a threatening situation

  • know your laws and rights
  • situational awareness
  • first response training
  • see something say something
  • how to develop a plan
  • 5 G's to learn good civilian policing
  • learn basic penal and civil codes
  • how to apply citizens arrest lawfully

Behavioral threat assessment

  • how to identify a suspicious event or person
  • warning indicators to know
  • learning the pathway of violence
  • interdiction of a threat
  • workplace and home warning signs
  • schools, work,community

Active shooter

  • what is an active shooter
  • identifying signs of a potential shooter
  • what to do with suspicion
  • run, hide , fight
  • first response to an active shooter event
  • how to identify warning indicators
  • pathway to violence indicators
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