Lear Asset Management is a security contracting firm servicing the greater Pacific Northwest for high-risk security solutions.

Pairing the right personnel with the right task is critical and necessary to achieve lasting solutions. We provide specialized security personnel for special clients. We excel in rural and urban environments, servicing large land assets like timber, but also more sensitive missions such as school systems, corporations, and any private asset or person. Shifting threats are our specialty, and we can adapt to work both in civilian or federal environments.

Rural and urban work includes trespass mitigation, behavioral threat assessment, and training for workplace violence. We train corporate clients as well as neighborhood homeowner associations how to recognize identify and react to threatening situations before they occur.

We interface with law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. Law Enforcement and civilian training is vital to expanding the awareness and competence for a positive outcome from a threat. We build a security base and mindset for each client.

Remember: In security, weapons are not the real threat; they change. It’s the mindset of the threat that we help identify and mitigate.

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