Loss prevention

  • store theft prevention
  • identify common patterns of theft
  • employee protection
  • employer theft planning
  • security plans and surveillance
  • neighborhood business improvement programs

Tresspass - corporate, timber & ranch

  • timber theft, vandalism, trespass
  • trespass marijuana prevention
  • reclamation of illegal grows
  • pesticide detection bio defense
  • helicopter and ground assets
  • land and ranch poaching programs
  • railroad trespass programs
  • construction site protester trespass programs

Dignitary/VIP services

  • Executive protection
  • Long-term client protection details
  • Board meetings, dis-enrollment
  • Workplace, domestic violence escorts
  • Business, banking services, ATM and bank deposits

Surveillance programs

  • ranch and land surveillance
  • real-time surveillance (all enviironments)
  • tracking
  • law enforcement interface
  • corporate business
  • workplace
  • cyber and social media
  • fugitive recovery, skip trace
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